Atari 2600 composite video mod

I got asked to do a composite video modification (mod) on an Atari 2600 games console from the 80’s recently. The Atari 2600 has a built in RF-modulator that produces a very bad signal on modern TV’s, and it is not possible to connect it to a monitor […]

Mac Classic spawned to life #marchintosh 2021

Check out the video on YouTube: I was encouraged to attend the #marchintosh 2021 tag on YouTube which is about Apple Macintosh in March. I don’t have much experience with the old Apple computers, but I have one 1990 model Macintosh Classic that I’ve had for several […]

Commodore VIC20 part 2/2 – Building and testing the diagnostics test harness

This video is now available as early and ad-free access on Support me on Patreon to get ad-free/early access to all videos, plus other perks. Part 2/2. This video is about the Commodore VIC 20 8-bit machine from the early 80’s. In this part I build […]

VIC 20 diagnostics harness

Next and final part of the VIC 20 video will be about building the Commodore VIC 20 diagnostics harness. This was designed by Sven Petersen. It is used for testing the various ports on the VIC 20 with the diagnostics test cartridge that I built in part 1. […]

KOJRO retro innovations

My friend Kjell Ove also has a retro computer channel on YouTube. He has a large collection of old computers. Many of the computers I have featured on my own YouTube-channel comes from him. He has some great content there. Check it out

My lab when I am not there

This is my lab in the attic of my house. When I am not there it is dark, but not completely dark. I am now working on a Macintosh Classic

The ZX 81 is 40 years today

Happy 40th birthday to the Sinclair ZX81! The ZX81 was launched on 5 March 1981 in two versions (though with identical components) – a pre-assembled machine or a cheaper kit version, which the user could assemble himself. Both versions were manufactured in Dundee, Scotland by Timex Corporation at the company’s […]

Commodore SX-64 Capacitors list

I made a list of all the electrolyte (and x2) capacitors in the Commodore SX-64 executive/portable C64 computer. This is for the PAL/230V edition. Complete with part-numbers for DigiKey. Includes CPU, PSU, Floppy and CRT-boards. This is for CPU Board P.NO 251102 REV A Download in Excel-format Download […]