Commodore Advent Calendar

This year I am making a Commodore Advent Calendar on YouTube. 24 videos about Commodore. Check it out here:

VIC 20 capacitors list

These are the electrolyte caps needed to recap a Commodore VIC20 (rev D) Count Capacitanse Voltage Degrees Type 1 2200 μF 16V 85° Axial 1 100 μF 16V 85° Radial 2 10 μF 16V 85° Radial 1 47 μF 16V 85° Radial 1 1 μF 16V 85° Radial

Amiga 2000 restoration x 2 – Part 3 – More repairs, recapping and assembling

PART 3: In this part I do the recapping of the other motherboard, then I replace some sockets on the faulty board, and start re-assembling the good machine. A lifted trace has to be repaired. Also I install a new battery module.

Video: Amiga 2000 restoration x 2 – Part 1 – Unknown condition – will they work?

I got two Commodore Amiga 2000 machines from my friend KOJRO. The state of the machines were unknown. They both had been stored away for at least 20 years. This is a multi part restoration project. In this first part I investigate the state of the machines, do […]

Commodore VIC20 part 2/2 – Building and testing the diagnostics test harness

This video is now available as early and ad-free access on Support me on Patreon to get ad-free/early access to all videos, plus other perks. Part 2/2. This video is about the Commodore VIC 20 8-bit machine from the early 80’s. In this part I build […]

Commodore SX-64 Capacitors list

I made a list of all the electrolyte (and x2) capacitors in the Commodore SX-64 executive/portable C64 computer. This is for the PAL/230V edition. Complete with part-numbers for DigiKey. Includes CPU, PSU, Floppy and CRT-boards. This is for CPU Board P.NO 251102 REV A Download in Excel-format Download […]

Commodore VIC20 part 1/2 – Restoration, repair and building the Hyper expander

Part 1/2. This video is about the Commodore VIC 20 8-bit machine from the early 80’s. Watch the restoration, keyboard repair, retrobrighting and recapping of the machine. In addition I build the VIC 20 Hyper Expander cartridge designed by Sven Petersen, then play some Donkey Kong. Sven Petersen […]