TIKI 100 documentation scanned

I scanned some old documentation for the Norwegian computer from the 80’s, the TIKI-100. Check it out here: TIKI 100

VIC 20 capacitors list

These are the electrolyte caps needed to recap a Commodore VIC20 (rev D) Count Capacitanse Voltage Degrees Type 1 2200 μF 16V 85° Axial 1 100 μF 16V 85° Radial 2 10 μF 16V 85° Radial 1 47 μF 16V 85° Radial 1 1 μF 16V 85° Radial

Atari 2600 composite video mod

I got asked to do a composite video modification (mod) on an Atari 2600 games console from the 80’s recently. The Atari 2600 has a built in RF-modulator that produces a very bad signal on modern TV’s, and it is not possible to connect it to a monitor […]

Mac Classic spawned to life #marchintosh 2021

Check out the video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/5vdGbsNMdXM I was encouraged to attend the #marchintosh 2021 tag on YouTube which is about Apple Macintosh in March. I don’t have much experience with the old Apple computers, but I have one 1990 model Macintosh Classic that I’ve had for several […]

Commodore SX-64 Capacitors list

I made a list of all the electrolyte (and x2) capacitors in the Commodore SX-64 executive/portable C64 computer. This is for the PAL/230V edition. Complete with part-numbers for DigiKey. Includes CPU, PSU, Floppy and CRT-boards. This is for CPU Board P.NO 251102 REV A Download in Excel-format Download […]