I have realized that making good content cost a lot of time and money. Showing ads on videos is one way of supporting a YouTube-channel, but you need a lot of subscribers (at least 10000) to get any real bucks from that, so there is very little income from ads for me as of now. 

To make videos up until now, I have spent a lot out of my own pocket to buy equipment, tools, old computers, and stuff, just to build up a small lab in my attic, so I can repair computers and make videos. It has been an incredibly fun hobby so far. But I feel it’s starting to cost more than I can spend if I want to continue as much as I do now.

So, this is one way for me to find some means to support the continuing growth of this channel. If you support me through Patreon, I will be able to continue making videos in the future as well.

As a Patreon, you select a membership level, pay a small monthly donation, and depending on the level you get benefits. These are the levels I have currently:

Thanks for your support!