Commodore VIC20 part 2/2 – Building and testing the diagnostics test harness

This video is now available as early and ad-free access on Support me on Patreon to get ad-free/early access to all videos, plus other perks. Part 2/2. This video is about the Commodore VIC 20 8-bit machine from the early 80’s. In this part I build […]

KOJRO retro innovations

My friend Kjell Ove also has a retro computer channel on YouTube. He has a large collection of old computers. Many of the computers I have featured on my own YouTube-channel comes from him. He has some great content there. Check it out

My lab when I am not there

This is my lab in the attic of my house. When I am not there it is dark, but not completely dark. I am now working on a Macintosh Classic

Welcome to Arctic retro!

Welcome to my new web site and blog. I have changed name from to Arctic retro and this is the new site. I am working on the content for my new site. So please be patient. In the meantime, is still up and running as before. […]