Amiga 2000 power supply capacitors

I recently replaced all the electrolyte capacitors on two Amiga 2000 machines. Rev 4.4 and 6, EU/230V version.

They both had the same power supply with the same capacitors.

This is the list of capacitors, and the DIGIKEY part-numbers. All capacitors are polar and radial type.

2680 μF200 V22 mm10 mm (SNAP)105°1189-2839-ND
24700 μF16 V16 mm7.5 mm105°1189-1145-ND
34700 μF10 V16 mm7.5 mm105°493-12295-1-ND
21 μF100 V5 mm2.5 mm85°493-11047-1-ND
547 μF25 V5 mm2.5 mm105°P19520CT-ND
1100 μF35 V10 mm5 mm105°493-15887-ND
1220 μF25 V10 mm5 mm105°493-11716-1-ND
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